Wokyo (Dubai)

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True and honest food is possibly one of the greatest culinary pleasures one can experience. There is something wholesome and beautiful about a meal that can transform even the worst of days into a blessing. Wokyo is one such example of honesty in cooking that takes you on a journey where one respects the simplicity and power of fresh produce in serving what could be described as soulful bowls.

The concept is simple, select your noodle, choose an accompanying sauce and finally protein. What sets Wokyo apart is the best of each Asian city has to offer from Singapore to Seoul, Wokyo serves up a storm of flavours spanning the cultural hot spots of asian cuisines. Taking inspiration from each vibrant city in the far east from the food stalls to the home, Wokyo brings the freshness of the ingredients and serves it with customary Asian hospitality.

Where: JLT, ClusterJ, J2Tower, Shop 27, Lake level – Mohammed Ibrahim Tower

Why: Honest and Flavourful Food

When: 11am-11pm

How: +971 800 96596

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