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Hidden behind a rather inconspicuous large bookcase lies a secret Japanese den, filled with remnants of old world Tokyo mixed with new design philosophies. Speakeasy establishments were a prominent feature of 1920s prohibition, an underground society full of illicit activity which ended shortly after, however in recent times the mystery and reverence of a speakeasy seems to have resurfaced with this being the first in Dubai.

Beyond the bookcase at Nippon Bottle Company you are met by mirrored walls in a dimly lit room where for an instance you could quite rightly think you have mistaken yourself for wandering into. Upon entering you are greeted by an industrial yet private interior of oak wood, iron, metal and brickwork. The blend of textures and space are influenced by the very nature of Japanese tradition and its juxtaposition with modernity.

With an extensive list of drinks to pass your whispering lips, Nippon Bottle Company provide an articulate and well crafted mix delivering discerning flavours for varying palettes.

Where: Dusit Thani, 133, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Why: First speakeasy in Dubai

When: Mon-Sun: 6pm-3am

How: +971 4 357 0779  /

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