Nicola Marian Robinson


Photography: Anna Michell  /  Location: The Little Yellow Door

Hair: Louis Maharaj  /  MUA: Gina Badhen


Nicola Marian Robinson, the brilliant mind behind It’s Rude To Stare and one half of Retro Vacation has long been a cultural sophisticate at the heartbeat of contemporary lifestyle with a well traveled nod to the yesteryear. The multitude of experiences journeying around various parts of the globe has aided towards Nicola leading some of the most significant hotspots at the forefront of design and music.

This thought leadership and movement towards creating a new social experience was one that Velsvoir could very much relate to and Nicola has indeed been the sound architect building a conducive vibe for the past three seasons at London Collections: Men and London Fashion Week with Velsvoir.

This collaboration was taken to new heights most recently with Nicola sporting bespoke womenswear pieces designed by Velsvoir as part of a limited edition collection for the lady in the know. The collection reflected retro-japanese-modernism with curated garments including mustard high waisted trousers, sequin print crop to Japanese pleated draped skirts.

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