Museum of London

New display at the Museum of London explores hypothetical concepts of a future London from leading artists, architects and designers. London Visions, opening 19 January 2018, presents a range of visual hypothetical scenarios for the future of the city.

The Museum of London and Squint/Opera’s previous ‘Flooded London’ stills exhibition in 2007 provided the opportunity for a new set of ‘High Density’ work in order to creatively represent the future of London.

As part of the new ‘London Visions’ 2017 exhibition, producers Squint/Opera enlisted the creative input of Zak Timol, Creative Director of Velsvoir to curate the wardrobe for the future of work and everyday life.

Set amongst the vision of tomorrow’s world, this particular scene depicted the iconic London Underground tube. Commuters were styled in Velsvoir, who designed modern tailoring with an androgynous sensibility; using a palette of muted genderless tones to depict the diverse futuristic passengers. Accompanied by digital accessories and wearable tech each commuter is tangled with VR and augmented reality as part of everyday city travel.


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