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Grooming and in particular the traditional practices of a barber were once ritual for every gentleman. Maintaining a healthy disposition was a prerequisite for men from all walks of life and one that sadly saw a decline through the 90s and noughties. However, whilst the staus quo were busy gelling there hair solid the artisan crafts of barbering were still being passed down to generations and practiced to its true form. And thus we come to a impasse where the barbers of London, New York and Milan were once again called upon to groom the next generation of gentleman in cahoots with the rise in menswear as an industry.

Which brings us to Akin Dubai, harnessing and drawing from the roots of European barbering traditions and creating a contemporary space within the UAE. With focus on details, quality and craft Akin Dubai have created a fluid space using the coolest mix of materials, from hexagonal tiles, beech wood and raw exposed concrete. Creating an urban inspired environment, the shop has a masculine undertone, with clean lines, an ambient mood and strong definition with Belmont barber chairs straight from Japan.

A relaxed atmosphere and one that every gentleman can appreciate is sterling service, a stylish soundtrack and some cool barbers who know exactly what they are doing and how to do it. They say you have a special bond with your barber, it becomes an bond of brotherhood as one would expect when working within a personal space, the client/customer boundaries are usually a friendship that naturally evolves and one the Akin certainly do with charisma and trust.

Who: Akin Barber & Shop

Why: Probably the coolest barber in the UAE

Where: Burj Al Salam, Dubai

When: Sat – Thu: 10am – 9pm / Fri: 10am – 7pm



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