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Ciroc x Velsvoir

  Ciroc GB provided a first glimpse of the limited edition bottle designed with Mario…


#ShhhDubai / Nippon Bottle Company

     Hidden behind a rather inconspicuous large bookcase lies a secret Japanese den, filled…

2015 LCM Velsvoir Tom Wolfe 091

Velsvoir x Tom Wolfe Food Artist

  Celebrity chef and food artist Tom Wolfe collaborated with Velsvoir to present the latest…


Jam Bar (Dubai)

  Velsvoir collaborated with Dubai-based executive pastry chef Elizabeth Stevenson with her new venture, Jam…


Velsvoir Noir for Chivas Regal

    Velsvoir partnered with Chival Regal for the annual Chivas Legend Dinner in Dubai,…

Cle Dubai 2

Cle Dubai: Michellin-Star Launch

Touted as the biggest launch in Dubai this year, Cle Dubai lead by Michellin-starred chef…