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Ciroc x Velsvoir

  Ciroc GB provided a first glimpse of the limited edition bottle designed with Mario…


#ShhhDubai / Nippon Bottle Company

     Hidden behind a rather inconspicuous large bookcase lies a secret Japanese den, filled…


Murdock London

Velsvoir sat down with the grooming aficionados Murdock London to discuss all things menswear, style…

2015 LCM Velsvoir Tom Wolfe 091

Velsvoir x Tom Wolfe Food Artist

  Celebrity chef and food artist Tom Wolfe collaborated with Velsvoir to present the latest…


Jam Bar (Dubai)

  Velsvoir collaborated with Dubai-based executive pastry chef Elizabeth Stevenson with her new venture, Jam…


Velsvoir Noir for Chivas Regal

    Velsvoir partnered with Chival Regal for the annual Chivas Legend Dinner in Dubai,…