London Collections: Men AW15

Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_01 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_02 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_03 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_04 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_05 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_06 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_07 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_08 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_09 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_10 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_11 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_12 Velsvoir_BTS_ACM_5746 Velsvoir_BTS_ACM_5760 Velsvoir_BTS_ACM_5801 Velsvoir_BTS_ACM_5918



Velsvoir are pleased to announce an exclusive collection for London Collections: Men AW15. The collection draws inspiration from a crisp winter day bathed in sunlight, reflecting bold ambition and clarity. The series of looks will embody luxury in shades of blue and grey. The collection will feature an exclusive collaboration with Russian artist Gregory Emvy, designing a limited edition print for accessories. London Edition Hotel will form the setting for the live presentation, bringing elements of modern luxury and character – aspects very much akin to the latest Velsvoir collection.  

Hair & Make Up by Danny DeFreitas & Team / 

Production by Richard Thornn 

Floral arrangement by Yan Skates 

Soundtrack curated by Nicola Robinson (Its Rude To Stare)